Jason Coats, Owner – The Jetty Oxford, The Jetty South Bank and Eleven Rooftop Bar


757 Ann St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006


Retractable Fabric Roofs, Vanguard Straight Drop Awnings


 Presented with the opportunity to helm a new rooftop bar and dining experience, Jason embraced the challenge of designing the venue himself. Once again showing his unique brand of hospitality, Jason drew inspiration from sites in Istanbul, Bali and Ibiza, although the challenges of creating such a venue are significantly more extensive in Australia. A strict city plan meant that the rooftop at 757 Ann Street could not be permanently enclosed and with a tight timeline and rooftop site, it was necessary that all materials be craned up to the eleventh story, further increasing the complexity of this project.


Vanguard proposed the use of Gibus’s retractable fabric roofs, which were permissible as they met Council’s definition of an awning. Fitted with translucent waterproof fabric, the roofs protect guests from the weather and help regulate temperature inside the bar, but can also be retracted to allow sunlight and breezes in. All retractable fabric roofs are completely customised and can be retro-fitted into an existing structure. Vanguard designed a solution that would span from the central lift well structure out to the existing soffits. Outdoor blinds were also designed to enclose the rooftop, reducing the intensity of the sunsets enjoyed by patrons, without disrupting the stunning view of Brisbane. With the majority of assembly done at our factory, a stage

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