Privacy & Sun Protection


Sliding Louvre Screen


The client wanted a large louvred screen to provide privacy and sun control for their outdoor living area. The area had a pre-existing fixed triangular shaped screen attached to the ceiling along with a tiled floor. The issues were that the existing screen was not able to support any weight; and the standard tracks used for sliding screens would become a trip hazard as they could not be countersunk into the floor.


We suggested a single welded frame, which housed 2 operable bays of horizontal louvres (Bella Vista louvres – rectangular shape) to give privacy and flexibility. To overcome the inability of suspending the new frame from the existing screen we fitted it with stainless steel rollers and a low profile bottom track. This meant the new frame did not have any weight hanging from the existing screen, nor did the low profile bottom track pose as a trip hazard.

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