AR 92S/Z

External Aluminium Venetian Blinds

AR 92S/Z

Hella external venetian blinds are one of the most effective solutions for reducing energy consumption, regulating internal temperature, and controlling privacy and sunlight. They are able to be tilted, opened, closed or raised for uninterrupted views giving you complete flexibility.

AR 92 blinds have unique shaped slats which provide increased wind stability, and interlock perfectly to dim out unwanted sunlight. Each slat also has a neoprene rubber cushion on the front edge to prevent rattling noise. For increased wind resistance they can be combined with steel cable guides, aluminium guide rails or a combination of both. 

Min Width
Max Width
Max Height
Max Area
AR 92S/AR92Z


  • Motorised - combine with timers, sun/wind sensors & building management systems

Features & Benefits

  • Unique S & Z shaped slats provide extra strength & enhanced stability during windy conditions.
  • Neoprene rubber cushion on outer edge of each slat provides protection & soft closure.
  • Manufactured from aluminium alloy.
  • Slats can be tilted to different angles to allow light to flow through or fully closed to provide protection & privacy.
  • Capable of being partially or fully retracted.
  • Utilises Hella ECN-System® - connection of individual slats with a patented stainless steel clip cam. Allows for precise retraction & packaging, smaller pelmets & increased stability.
  • Reduce sun penetration by up to 90% - sunlight is reflected before it is able to absorb though glass.
  • Reduce energy costs by up to 10% - keeps internal areas cooler in summer & warmer in winter
  • Extruded pelmet - superior strength, durability & clean edges (unable to be achieved with folded or roll formed steel & Colourbond products)
  • Available with cable guides, aluminium guide rails or a combination of both.
  • Flexible Installation - capable of being installed into a recess during construction or have retrofitted onto an existing facade.
  • Unique S and Z shaped slats provide extra strength and enhanced stability during windy conditions
  • 5 Year manufacturers warranty (Conditions Apply).

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